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Implementing the Consciousness-Based* Education Program
in Public and Private Schools

A scientifically proven program to develop total brain functioning for increasing intelligence, creativity, and happiness in students and teachers, and for improving educational outcomes in every school

The Problems in Education

Poor student achievement, fatigue, stress, apathy, alcohol and drug use, and school violence are widespread problems in education; yet experts have not been able to offer any promising new solutions to these problems in our schools. Adopting more rigorous standards and testing, establishing more elaborate discipline and security measures, or organizing student discussions about their difficulties are superficial approaches. A real solution is needed to the problems in schools everywhere.

The Source of the Problems

The primary source of all problems in schools is the lack of knowledge of how to develop the full potential of each student. When schools enliven total brain development in students and awaken their inner intelligence, creativity increases, achievements grow and the students are successful and happy.

Traditionally, education has focused primarily on what students study – the objective aspect of knowledge – without systematically developing the subjective basis of knowledge, the student’s consciousness. Yet it is the quality of the student’s consciousness or awareness that determines their degree of intelligence, creativity, confidence, inner calm and motivation – all fundamental to education.

Students are born with an unlimited capacity for knowledge, power, and inner happiness. They become frustrated when the education system limits them to only partial development. They struggle with poor achievement, stress, and dissatisfaction which can express itself in all kinds of antisocial behaviour, even violence.

The Solution to Problems in Education:
Implement the Consciousness-Based education program

The solution to the problems in education is for schools to implement Consciousness-Based education—a scientifically proven program to enliven the total brain of each student, and thereby awaken the student’s total intelligence, creativity, and happiness. More than 40 years of research, and the results from over 200 schools around the world, document the profound benefits of this program. The CBE program has been shown to:

  • improve educational outcomes

  • reduce stress and antisocial behaviour

  • increase creativity and intelligence

  • unfold the inner happiness of students and teachers of all cultural and educational backgrounds.

The Consciousness-Based education program, which includes the Transcendental Meditation® technique, enables any school to fulfill its responsibility to capably educate the youth of society. Through this program, students—wherever they are, whatever their background—will experience increasing success and satisfaction day by day.

Decades of research and educational experience worldwide have verified that the Transcendental Meditation technique strengthens the cognitive, physiological, and affective foundations of learning, while promoting healthier life-style choices and positive behaviour. At the same time, regular practice of this technique significantly reduces the stress and tension that many students and teachers experience daily; and when implemented within a school, the entire school atmosphere becomes harmonious, happy, safe, and conducive to learning.

The Transcendental Meditation technique involves no change in lifestyle or belief. More than six million people around the world, of all cultures, religions, and backgrounds have learned the practice.

Develop ideal citizens

As students unfold more and more of their creative potential, they cease to be frustrated and dissatisfied, and start living more possibilities in their lives. Their thoughts, feelings, speech, and behaviour become more life-supporting for themselves and others; increasingly they enjoy happy, healthy problem-free lives. They are able to fulfill their own interests while upholding the interests of others - the basis of ideal citizenship.

Selected scientific research findings on Consciousness-Based Education

The hundreds of scientific research findings demonstrating the benefits of Consciousness-Based education include the following:

Benefits relevant to students


Benefits relevant to teachers

• Improved academic achievement


• Reduced stress and anxiety

• Increased creativity


• Increased energy and vitality

• Increase in fluid intelligence (IQ)


• Reduced incidence of illness

• Improved moral reasoning


• Lowered health insurance use

• Decreased substance abuse


• Improved mental clarity

• Reduced stress and anxiety


• Increased mental well-being

• Increased self-esteem


• Increased efficiency

• Improved general health


• Increased self-actualization

Overview of the program

The Consciousness-Based education program is easily integrated into any public or private school setting, without making extensive changes to the existing curriculum or schedule. The program has the following features:

At the basis of the Consciousness-Based approach to education is the Transcendental Meditation program. Introduced nearly 50 years ago by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the TM technique develops the full potential of human consciousness, unfolding creativity and intelligence and developing the full brain physiology. In addition, the technique produces a unique experience of physiological “restful alertness” that dissolves deep-rooted stress and fatigue, thereby promoting ideal health and behavior. More than 6 million people from all countries, religions, and educational backgrounds have learned the technique, and hundreds of scientific research studies have confirmed the practical benefits of the TM program for mind, body, behavior, and society as a whole (see and

What Transcendental Meditation Is and Is Not

Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural, effortless, easily learned technique practiced silently for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably in a chair with the eyes closed. During the practice, the mind settles down, experiencing finer levels of thought, until it transcends the finest level of thought and experiences the source of thought, pure consciousness—the unified field—the source of the unlimited creativity and intelligence expressed in human life and in nature. The TM technique is not a religion or philosophy and does not involve concentration, control of the mind, or change in lifestyle.

Transcendental Meditation in Education

The Transcendental Meditation program is a powerful and innovative new educational tool for systematically dissolving stress and developing the inner potential of students and teachers. Transcendental Meditation has been successfully implemented in public and private schools and in after-school programs in Canada, the U.S. and around the world, with thousands of students enjoying its benefits (see

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