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Download Introductory Materials


Consciousness-Based education* is a scientifically proven program to develop total brain functioning. This results in increasing intelligence, creativity, and happiness for both students and teachers, and improves educational outcomes in every school. The CBE program can be easily integrated into any existing public or private school without making extensive changes to the existing curriculum or schedule.

Download Introductory Material

To learn more about the CBE program and the scientific research findings relevant to education, the following introductory brochures are available in .pdf format to download.

  • 3-page brochure: “The Consciousness-Based Education Program”—a brief introduction to the program for schools;

  • 8-page brochure: “The Consciousness-Based Education Program”—an introduction to the program that includes benefits for students, teachers, administrators, and the entire school;

  • 20-page brochure: “Summary of Scientific Research on Consciousness-Based education”—includes achievements of schools applying Consciousness-Based education.

Please note: after downloading the documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download) installed on your computer to open the documents. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader