Children’s Health and Education



The David Lynch Foundation
Transforming Lives: The David Lynch Foundation provides funds for in-school “Quiet Time” programs utilizing the stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation® technique. In the past year, the Foundation has provided millions of dollars for thousands of students, teachers, and parents to learn to meditate. The Foundation also funds independent research on the effects of the program on academic achievement, grades, intelligence, creativity, anxiety, depression, sleep and eating disorders, and ADHD and other learning disorders.

U.S. Committee for Stress-Free Schools
The US Committee for Stress-Free Schools was established in 2005 in partnership with the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based* Education and World Peace to bring the Quiet Time/Transcendental Meditation program to students and teachers in public, charter, and private schools throughout the United States. This program strengthens the physiological and cognitive foundations of learning, while promoting healthy lifestyle choices and positive behaviour.

Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment
Maharishi School was founded to bring Consciousness-Based education to children from preschool to 12th grade. Located in Fairfield, Iowa, the School serves as a model and inspiration for similar institutions around the world. CBE is a unique system of education that unfolds the inner genius of every student, developing full creative intelligence for a happy, healthy, productive life.

ADHD and the TM program
There have been exciting results with the Transcendental Meditation technique for children with ADHD and related disorders. Unlike drugs, the Transcendental Meditation technique doesn’t just treat the symptoms; it influences the cause of the disorder. This means it doesn’t just create a temporary effect, but can improve the condition permanently.

Consciousness-Based Education Programs
The Consciousness-Based Education Association (CBEA) is a non-profit, educational organization that provides practical, scientifically validated educational programs, technologies, and consulting services for new schools, existing schools, and after-school organizations. CBEA offers Consciousness-Based education (CBE) to enliven the full creative potential and inner happiness of every student and teacher, eliminate stress, and enliven total brain functioning.

The Transcendental Meditation program
The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, natural procedure to contact your inner reservoir of creativity, energy and intelligence on a daily basis. Learn why over 6 million people have learned this program to improve all aspects of life.